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Di-Egy Fest 0.1:



Di-Egy Fest 0.1 exhibitions is organized in three parts (Gallery space, projection night and open studio) to give the Egyptian audience and young Egyptian artists the chance to discover more about Digital arts mediums and new ideas that can help them to connect with the digital world updates. Thinking about first digital arts festival in Cairo, we want to present an inspired digital artworks inspired from the Cairo soul and Egyptian history, that is why we present our festival in inspired places that have history background in Cairo.
Jacques Rancière said: “There are two catastrophic opinions about image and reality that are popular today. The first says that nothing is real anymore, because all of reality has become virtual, a parade of simulacra and images without any true substance. The second says that there are no more images, because an “image” is a thing clearly distanced or separate from reality – because we have lost the distance that enabled us to discern between images and reality, the image, as a category, no longer exists.”

Roy Ascott emphasized:”Just as the image plays an increasingly pervasive and persuasive role in the world, so the desire to make the invisible visible, to go behind and beyond the image, has played a significant part in the development of western art over the past century.

While the status of the image and its many canons of representation vary across cultures, none will deny its power to excite and incite, inform and dissimulate, inspire and suppress. It can be argued that the more transparent the image the more profound or mysterious its origins. Post – digital art overtly challenges the image’s status of semiotic stability and rhetorical determinism,and empowers the viewer to transform and transcend what is seen, through interaction and participation, in a process of emergent meaning, exploiting particularly the hyperlinks and non- linearity of networks. This is to go behind the image to a second order state of semantic fluidity, and open-ended semiosis.”
We might think of this in terms of looking at past examples of new imageness-for instance, the rise of photography. Photography carried out a new form of representation framed by literature itself, capturing the aesthetic of the prose poem. While Baudelaire is famous for denouncing photography, his prose poems appear to anticipate its eventual function in their early verbal version of the snapshot. Photography [like one of Baudelaire’s prose poems about people in a window that Rancière read] leaves the look mute and allows space for a multiplicity of meaning.

From the Di-Egy Fest 0.1 theme concept, we felt the need to organize the festival in different activities so the festival participants will have a wider platform to connect, learn, talk and work together to discover more behind the digital image and beyond in Cairo.

With the cooperation of Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Fine arts sector and the British council Cairo; the exhibition will be installed in Gezira art center halls and British Council gallery in Cairo. The galleries are prepared with equipments. The artists will need to install artworks. The two gallery spaces will be present work for young Egyptian artists by

the open call with the artworks of the international invited artists from Egypt and abroad. Part of the curating practice for the Di-Egy Fest exhibitions, we will prepare round table to open the discussion kind of questions and ideas between the international artists and the Egyptian artists. The round table time will be announced with the exhibition opening.


Because we believe that Egyptian contemporary arts can present our Egyptian identity and our modern Egyptian history, with the cooperation of Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Fine arts sector, we will present one projection night for international and Egyptian artists in Manasterly Palace in Manial, Cairo.Hassan Foad Manasterly Pacha built the Manasterly Palace in year 1851 part of other buildings that was built during this period in Cairo. In year 1951, the Egyptian government decided to let the Manasterly palace to be one of the heritage places in Cairo that present the architectural history of this period in Cairo.

Out of the Circle Studio
With the organization of Out Of The Circle studio, the ideas to open a space and platform for young artists for three days with two professional digital artists (Egyptian and Int. artist) to come and meet with them daily during three days from the festival. Open studio will help them to create their digital platform to connect now with the artists and in the future.
Studio visit times and dates will be announced soon.
We invite egyptian artists of all professions to present digital art-pieces, performances and installations.
The fine art sector, Gezira art center galleries spaces and British council gallery are suitable for large digital video-projections and interactive performances. As the space is limited the commitee will select a limited number of performances. Artists are invited to submit their work as soon as possible.

Below is a list of possible art forms. This list is meant as a starting point, not to restrict you.

– Algorithmic Art – ASCII art – Computer music – Demoscene – Fractal art – Game art – Generative art – Generative music – Interactive art – Music visualization – Software art – Tradigital art


Deadline for submit artwork proposals for the exhibition February 1st, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: by February 21st, 2013
Submitting Exhibition catalogue Material: March 1st, 2013
Publication of the Exhibition printing proceedings: March 11th, 2013
Exhibition dates: March 30th- April 9th.

Your submission must include the following information:

Title of the work,
Full name(s) of author(s)
Date of creation
Email address

– A short description of the work + Photograph or Sketch to assess the work.
– A short author biography of 100 words maximum is also required.
– If applicable, audio/video material excerpts (link to download) to assess the work.
– To be considered, documentation of the artwork & proposals in Digital images, or video (documentation of performance or video art), must be submitted by email as an attachment by to: exhibition@DI-EGYFEST.COM. The subject line should be tagged “Di-Egy Fest”


Abstracts will be acknowledged on receipt, and authors will be notified of acceptance by February 21st, 2013.
Installing the artworks

Your artwork will be required by March 25th, 2013 to be installed in the galleries spaces.
Exhibition opening March 30th 2013
Projection Night: April 2nd 2013
Closing Concert: April 9th 2013
For further information please contact: exhibition@DI-EGYFEST.COM

http 3A 2F 2Fwww di egyfest


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