Diegyfest Conference & Exhibition 2013

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Diegyfest Conference & Exhibition 2013

Diegyfest Conference & Exhibition 2013

Diegyfest Conference & Exhibition 2013

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I’ve been invited to participate as a speaker in Diegyfest Conference on 31st March at the GUC conference hall, Cairo
and will show my Interactive / Augmented reality installation

Vs. بالعكس”

At Gezira art center, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Opening 30.03.2013 at 7:00 pm | Exhibition runs till 16.04.2013



Di-Egy Fest 0.1 exhibitions is organized in three parts (Gallery space, projection night and open studio) to give the Egyptian audience and young Egyptian artists the chance to discover more about Digital arts mediums and new ideas that can help them to connect with the digital world updates. Thinking about first digital arts festival in Cairo, we want to present an inspired digital artworks inspired from the Cairo soul and Egyptian history, that is why we present our festival in inspired places that have history background in Cairo.

Read more about the VS project:
ٍRead the Full lecture:

Biography of Artist Sameh Al Tawil, Media Artist and creative director

سامح، الطويل، فنان ميديا مصري
من مواليد القاهرة ١٩٧٨ حاصل على بكالوريوس الفنون التطبيقية من مصر والدبلوم العالي في الفنون الجميلة من اكاديمية الفنون بميونيخ المانيا وماجستير تاريخ فن الميديا من جامعة الدانوب بالنمسا
يمارس فنون الميديا والنقد الفني والبحث منذ ١٩٩٩ وله مشاركات في عدة محافل فنية عالمية وحصل علي عدة جوائز ومنح عالمية

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Sameh Al Tawil official website

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Sameh Al Tawil

Sameh Al Tawil official website

Media Artist, Art critic, research and creative director
CEO and creative director at

Born in Cairo, Egypt 1978, holds a BA in Art from the faculty of applied arts, and a Diplom degree from The Fine Art Academy in Munich ADBK under professor Olaf Metzel,

Sameh Al Tawil official website

doing a MAH. In media art histories from Donau university, Austria under professor Oliver Grau.Sameh Al Tawil is an Media artist and Creative director in the field of interactive Media and Advertising. His work has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums nationally & internationally

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
DOB: 01/14/1978
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