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A Maze Interact Festival 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa

After the successful kick off in 2012, A MAZE is back in Johannesburg from Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 of September, 2013.
With more than thirty international and African artists, game designers, speakers and musicians showcasing their craft, A MAZE. / Johannesburg brings computer games, music and media art to the public in a dynamic, interactive and fun-filled 3-day event.
A MAZE. / Johannesburg will use public spaces across Braamfontein bringing games and media art expression to the public unexpected and memorable ways.
The goal of A MAZE. is to create an annual evolving international platform for African and European media artists and game developers. The festival opens up a playground for everyone who wants to experience creative expression with code, play and technology. A MAZE. / Johannesburg provides a three day program packed with lectures, panel discussions, indie games, interactive installations, street games, workshops, concerts and parties.
Since its inception in Europe in 2008, A MAZE. has been celebrating the convergence of games, art and technology across Europe, with the HQ being based in Berlin.

A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2013 is presented in partnership with the Digital Arts Department of the University of the Witwatersrand, and in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg. The event is co-funded by the European Union Network of Institutes of Culture (EUNIC).

The founder of A MAZE. and Festival Director Thorsten S. Wiedemann says: “We are more than happy to announce that A MAZE. / Johannesburg has secured a partnership with the Digital Arts Department of the University of the Witwatersrand for the next 4 years. This strong relationship between an academic institution and an international label guarantees sustainability and visibility world-wide. This year we are welcoming artists, game developers, forward thinkers, entrepreneurs, nerds and geeks from all over Africa and Europe to share their knowledge and visions about games, art and technology. A MAZE. /Johannesburg is a public festival of creativity and progressive culture.”

Artists who will be featured at A MAZE. /Johannesburg 2013 include:

Sameh Al Tawil, media artist and researcher from Egypt; Rami Ismail, game designer from the Netherlands; Chief Nyameya, game designer from Kenya; Tegan Bristow, media artist and researcher from South Africa; Joao Orecchia, musician and sound artist from South Africa; Sos Sosowski, game designer from Poland; SFA, animation artists from Germany; John Kevin Biretwa, digital entrepreneur from Uganda; Oluseye Soyode-Johnson, game consultant from Nigeria; Evan Greenwood, game designer from South Africa

Please find more information about the program and the locations of A MAZE. / Johannesburg at (Program will be available from 19 of August.)

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    ايه الصورة اللي انت شايلها دي

  2. samehaltawil
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    Check the video on
    the project is an augmented reality / interactive art, you hold a placard and it turns on the screen into the opposite
    That’s why the project entitled “VS” 😉
    Got it ?


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