VS بالعكس Johannesburg 2013

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VS بالعكس Johannesburg 2013

VS بالعكس Johannesburg 2013

VS بالعكس Johannesburg 2013

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“VS. بالعكس”

Ithuba Art Gallery, Johannesburg 2013
#Augmented_Reality / #interactive #art project by Sameh Al Tawil 2013
within the A Maze Interact International Festival, #Johannesburg #South_Africa

” A man holds a placard of Al SISI Egypt’s military commander and faces a screen playing footage identical to the man’s surroundings, almost. On the screen, the sign he’s holding turns into a photo of the Isolated President Mohamed Morsi. The other signs featuring non-Islamist leaders, Slogans or / and messages appear as either Islamist politicians, members, slogans or says of the #Muslim_Brotherhood regime. Chants supporting Former President #Mohamed_Morsi and his regime echo through that #Installation. This project inspired by the nation’s media and #political scenes confusion in #Egypt and critically reflects on the history of #performance and #interactive art and the politics of #new_media_art in fragile #post_revolutionary Egypt.”

#amazefest #AMazeFest #digitalafrican


VS. Augmented reality art


A Maze Interact Festival
The goal of A MAZE. / Johannesburg (former A MAZE. Interact) in South Africa is to create an annual evolving platform for African and European media artists and game developers. A playground for everyone who wants to experience the Human-Human-Machine interaction. A MAZE. provides an intensive program with lectures, panels, screenings, games, interactive installations, street games, workshops, concerts, performances and party.
Starts: 09/05/2013 06:30 pm
Ends: 09/07/2013
Duration: 12 hours:
Ithuba Gallery

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