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BMW i8 Challenge

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BMW i8 Challenge

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BMW i8 Challenge digital campaign 2016

together with Hive Group, Voxels and Serviceplan ME

The BMW i8 is an innovative plug-in hybrid sports car that’s an extraordinary evolution of the Ultimate Driving Machine. A more efficient combination of an all-electric motor and the power of a TwinPower Turbo for a driving experience that’s like no other. Hive, as a leader when it comes to innovation, was presented with a challenge; how to deliver this innovative technology in the i8 in an appealing and innovative way that attracts loyal and potential customers?
The exclusive features in the BMW i8 is highlighted through the launch of a full dynamic web application using the html technology through which the user gets to answer some Trivia questions about the i8, and through trail & error, the user gets to learn gradually about the i8 exclusive features through the 3D and animation work of the car parts coming together exquisitely, in addition to a design look and feel that promotes BMW’s entity and a user-friendly experience that easily and flawlessly engages the users.

From the 3D modeling to the animation of every interior and exterior part of the car, Hive was challenged and was incomparably up to that challenge. 

A challenge met, and rewarded as an AME AWARDS Winner 2016!

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BMW i8 Challange

In a region whose language is speed and performance, we demonstrated a revolutionary car concept with: speed and performance. With the BMW i8 Challenge, an online quiz which tested product knowledge in the fastest possible time, we successfully demonstrated how the BMW i8 electric-hybrid was built from scratch and from the ground up. The result, a game of performance that was played around 10 times on average by more than 3,000 new leads, and up to 1,790 times by a doctor (a highly potential prospect) in Saudi Arabia.


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