Bosch Energy Storage VR

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Bosch Energy Storage VR

Bosch Energy Storage VR

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Bosch Energy Storage VR

Hive Group for innovative communication Egypt in cooperation with Schaller & Partner Germany is making waves by creating business solutions using the virtual reality technology!
BOSCH’s virtual reality experience idea  is created and crystallized to communicate how innovative BOSCH energy products & services are.
A HMD Oculus rift, HTC vive or Samsung gear, let users live within a nature interactive landscape while being placed into the BOSCH experience learning all about its services in an immersive and innovative way.
A nature landscape that contains different key locations and hotspots which the user can enter and scan, windmills and solar banners.
Different hotspots are spread all over the place through which the user can watch, read and listen to various information about BOSCH’s services and Energy storage systems & Solutions.
A VR experience that delights the user and makes him/her excited to explore more and discover all about BOSCH Energy Storage.

The project has been presented in Hannover Messe 2017.


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Client: Bosch Energy Storage Germany
Agency: Schaller & Partner Germany
innovation Development: Hive Group
Digital Creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil
Key-visual Art director: Yasser Khalil


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