Installation, Video Art
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2022)

Cupboard: Video-installation 1999
A short video of my Egyptian friend ” Alaa” filmed at the year 1999 away before fast internet and social media revolution.
the video captures a 20 Min of his exceptional-life in an old storage.. and how he is dealing with the life limitations the radio is playing again a big roll of enriching the video in a very artistic way… but the cupboard played the greater role!
The guy proceeds with his everyday’s normal life as he tends to read sometimes or tidy the room or eat without giving any consideration to the camera as if the film is a tape on a surveillance Camera.
i’ve tried to give the public an access to Alaa’s exceptional-life circumstances
with his permission which presented the concept of Extimacy (sharing the private life with public).
in the installation, i’ve used the original furniture in the exhibition hall and the video was playing on an old TV inside the cupboard.
So, Even the physical private elements became public


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