Door To Paradise باب الجنة

Installation, Interactive, Video Art

Door To Paradise باب الجنة

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Door to Paradise

Virtual Reality Art Project

The artist represents a unique and brilliant piece of artistic work entitled “Door to paradise”. Users use a head mounted display in front of a fixed screen where gardens and sound of birds pop up on the screen. “The path scene” appears as one scene of the day of resurrection. User not only watches the scene but also feels that he is part of the scene who walks on the path and witnesses the hell dreads everywhere while the fire flames are directed to him and listens to the yelps of those who are punished. User tries to focus on the faded paradise door, wandering around Conflagrations and fired lands looking forward to ending this nightmare. After a while, user will decide to take the head mounted display off. And finally see the door to paradise on the screen.

Sameh Altawil explains, “This work induces astonishment and terror at the same time. As people blindly continues struggling for life needs without realizing that all these trivial issues will fade away. They ignore the real and only fact about life till reality replaces the darkness of their minds. This is presented by Sameh using a new technology. This technology depends on the interaction with users; the whole experience differs from the interaction of one user to another. Someone may has the ability to explore the whole experience among the fire flames and yelps of the punished, another one may choose to escape from the terrifying experience taking off the glasses to reach the flash point which is the “Real Fact about Life”.

Technology, Software / Hardware:
Autodesk 3DsMax, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Oculus Rift

Hell Concept

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