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El Araby VR Game

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Kids nowadays are considered an important segment of the market, not just as a purchasing power, yet through strongly affecting their parents’ decisions in purchasing. In addition to the fact that they are considered future purchasers to brands that consider adults as their target audience (Potential Purchasers). That’s why the client was aiming to make the future youth connected to ElAraby and to ensure that technology world is not just appliances.


The objective is to create a VR booth for ElAraby in Kidzania to ensure the main objectives of the brand through a center like kidzania where children can experience adults life in a specially reconstructed cityscape. We used the VR technology as attention grabber and a tech reflection forEl-Araby’s chore interest as both manufacturing and marketing company of engineering products with the latest technology and a group who plays a developmental role for the Egyptian economy and society, creating word of mouth and attracting visitors to El-Araby booth.

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El-Araby booth is attractively themed from the outside to attract kids to the booth. The experience begins once the kid enters the booth and wears the 3D vive glasses. The kid can choose either to start his journey as a Factory worker or a Maintenance worker at El-Araby. An eye-popping environment with El-Araby various brand logos floating in the air around the kid where he/she choose the desired brand with the hand control device. Throughout the journey, the designed friendly robot accompanies the kid, encourages and guides him to accomplish the mission. When the kid finishes his job successfully, a celebration occurs and the robot asks him to take off the glasses and accompany the administrator in the room and gives him his photo with the robot as a reminder of the experience and a mission-accomplished symbolic reward.


We have created the whole VR environment starting from the character creation “Robot design”, products modeling, animation, video production and the VR technology development by using the unreal game engine platform and the 3D HTC vive glasses.

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Creative / Development: Hive Group Egypt 
CGI: Voxels production
Keyvisual AD: Yasser Khairat
Digital CD: Sameh Al Tawil

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!لأول مرة في كيدزانيا حول العالم

أطفال مصر يعيشون تجربة التصنيع بتكنولوجيا الواقع الافتراضي في نشاط مجموعة العربي في كيدزانيا.
فى سابقة هى الأولى من نوعها فى كيدزانيا حول العالم،
إستطاع العربى إنشاء نشاط فى كيدزانيا لتقديم أول تجربة لتعليم الاطفال
مبادئ تصنيع و صيانة الأجهزة المنزلية بإستخدام تكنولوجيا الواقع الإفتراضى
حيث يرتدى الطفل العدسات المخصصة لتبدأ رحلته داخل مصانع العربى بمرافقة روبوت العربى
RB-64 حيث يختار الطفل الجهاز الذى يريد إصلاحه بإستخدام أدوات الإصلاح المناسبة
أكد المهندس مدحت محمود العربى، عضو المجلس التنفيذي لمجموعة العربي،
أن إستخدام تكنولوجيا الواقع الافتراضى داخل جناح مجموعة العربى بمدينة كيدزانيا
يهدف إلى ترسيخ قيمة العمل لدى الأطفالو تنمية قدراتهم ودعم مهاراتهم التعليمية
بالإضافة الى تشجيع دور الاباء و الأمهات فى مشاركة أولادهم مثل هذه التجارب
التي تزيد من وعي الأطفال في شتى المجالات

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