Hive Advertising campaign

Mobile VR and MR solutions

Virtual Reality OOH solutions

Sensors based OOH solutions

VR Gamification Solutions

Holographic solutions

Hologram creation and development

AI & Robotic solutions

Augmented Reality Solutions

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A series of CGI visuals created to be used for Hive Group Visual communications online /off;¬†Each visual communicates one of the Group’s Key service i.e Augmented / Virtual Reality, Sensor Based out of home solutions, Mobile Development, Mixed reality Development, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning solutions, Etc…
Hive Group is a leading award winning digital agency in the Middle East with offices in Cairo, Dubai and Mannheim

Agency: Hive Group for Innovative Solutions
Creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil
Art Direction and CGI: Yasser Khairat
3D: Sameh Al Tawil & Voxels


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