Lexus NX_AR Configurator

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Lexus NX_AR Configurator

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2018)

Lexus Nx Configurator AR Application

Lexus NX Augmented Reality enabled application presents the brand all new Lexus NX luxury compact crossover in a striking experience. As you can learn, discover and explore more about the all new NX features. With Lexus NX Augmented Reality application, everywhere is a Lexus NX showroom. Using this application will let you view the all new NX’s exterior and interior in great details. You can also see the all new NX’s engine, interact with the NX on many different levels I.E switch the head and tail lights on and off, open the NX’s hood, door, change the NX color and a lot more.

Lexus NX Test Drive

NX test drive gives you the chance to test drive the all new NX virtually in a game-link environment. Enjoy the striking drive experience with NX test drive. With NX test drive, you can have a test drive anywhere. Just Download and open Lexus’ new application and drive the simulated version of the all new NX in a life-like environment. You can view the NX while driving in two moods; from the driver seat or from an aerial view that will let you see the NX as it moves on the track. Also within the application you have two driving moods to choose from, either by tilting or by the classic joystick.

Our Lexus NX configurator has won a Vuforia vision award 2015

Client: Lexus MENA
Agency: Hive Group for innovative communication
Digital Creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil

lexus AR_App_05_award

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