Listerine Zero 360

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Listerine Zero 360

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

ABOUT Listerine Zero PROJECT

Ever imagined that a journey “Inside the Mouth” would be fun to experience? In a funny, innovative and informative experience, Hive Advertising Egypt, together with UM ME and Outloud media UAE, have added a new achievement to their standing out portfolio through launching the first 360-3D Animation video in MENA for LISTERINE Middle East, that by all means, distinguished itself among all #menaeffie16 nominees and added a bright spot to Hive’s trophies shelf.


Not only an award winner type, yet also a fascinating composition of an innovative technology using Branded HMDs; Google cardboard or Samsung gear, that blends together with an immersive high quality inside- the-mouth landscape, along with a concept story that grabs the minds and eyes through the creation of the 3D characters “Germs” and the LISTERINE characters fighting them, in addition to creating the water simulation and its eye-popping final look producing photorealistic CGI visuals, also the VFX, film and photography and a happy final touch with the post production. This out of this world composition came to dedicatedly answer JOHNSON & JOHNSON’s need to market for their new LISTERINE 6 benefits mouthwash in an innovative way to cope with the most recent technological advances and stand out in the advertising world grabbing everyone’s attention. Adding to the not-only-winner type,we are proud to get more than 700K YouTube views in the video’s first week! Could it have gotten any better?

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Credits: Client: UM ME, Dubai, Creative / Development: Hive Group Egypt & Outloud Media Dubai CGI: Voxels Production Digital creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil, Case study video made by UM ME


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