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MO 365

is a product of team work, and a labor of love. Inspired and designed by Hypokeimenon & Hive Innovative Group‘s talented innovative team, modeled by our amazing team of 3D artists, and finally brought to life by a top notch animation team, MO has earned himself a place as one of Hypokeimenon & Hive’s most valued creations.the new office was implemented for 15,000 users in 491 locations worldwide, 1500 guides as change agents, local Evergreen teams in 491 locations, 21,547 new work style community members, most liked and most commented community in ConNext out of around 7000 communities.

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MO 365 Credits:

Agency: Hypokeimenon GmbH
Production / Development: Hive Innovative Group
Animation: Voxels
Digital Creative Director: Sameh El Tawil


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