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Oxen Branding Design

Oxen Branding Design
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OXEN Branding The logo idea is inspired by nature. i’ve created a strong bull figure in dynamic motion pushing a bold “O”. The logo presented the dynamically strong motion in the color coding that the company wanted to maintain. I’ve also decorated the tail of the bull with Fire. By implementing the element of fire, I deliberately linked between Oxen and its holding company (MAS). That’s to say that i successfully kept the harmony and consistency between the subsidiary company (Oxen) and the holding company (Mas Chem). I’ve also nailed creating the corporate’s identity on the head, since i hatched the full identity of the identity from scratch. In a nutshell, Oxen is a specialized company for Chemical Trading, it is a subsidiary of Mas for chemical productions. Oxen industry has a big name to it, and i have been tasked to breathe life into the Company’s logo.


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