Ready To Go_ Installation


Ready To Go_ Installation

Ready To Go_ Installation
(Last Updated On: March 16, 2018)

” Ready to GO “


مستعد للرحيل

” Exhibited on 26.6.2013, Stadtgalerie Bern, Switzerland “

المهاجر من الشرق الي الغرب طائر يحمل جناحية اكثر مما يحتملا من هموم الشرق وسحرة، يحمل الاف الكلمات
والنكات. يحمل عشرات الاخوان و الاصدقاء وصورة فتاه ويحمل ابريق
يحمل الرسالة ويحمل معها حلم الهجرة المباركة الى مدينة النور باريس ، لندن او روما
اللغة هي آخر هم الانبياء والشقاء هو قدرهم !
المهاجر من الشرق لا يهتم بالمكان فهو المكان وعلى جناحيه كتاب يحمل الاجابة عن اى شئ
سيماه في وجهه من كثرة الترحال.
لا يخشي الطوفان فمعه من كل صنف اثنان ومعه راية الشرق عالية ويحفظ النشيد عن ظهر قلب
رحم الله رجل يحمل وطن بأكملة

The immigrant from the east to west is a bird with an overloaded wings;
carrying all the Eastern concerns and magic, carrying thousands of words and jokes,
carrying dozens of relatives, friends and a picture of a girl and carrying a jug.
Carrying the message and carrying with it the dream of the blessed migration to
the City of Light… Paris, London or Rome
Language is not an issue to prophets and misery is their fate!
Immigrant from the East does not care about the place; He is the place
and carrying a book on his wings holds the answers for everything.
A look to his face reflects his being an immigrant.
He has no fear of the flood,
He has a couple of everything, he holds an eastern flag,
and masteres the national anthem by heart.
God bless a man carrying an entire nation.


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