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Project Overview

Client: LikeCard UAE
Event: Seamless Middle East 2023
Location: Dubai World Trade Center
Booth Design & Execution: Hive Innovative Group Dubai
Creative Director: Sameh El Tawil

Project Story

In the heart of the buzzing Dubai World Trade Center, amidst a sea of innovation and cutting-edge tech, LikeCard UAE etched its mark with an extraordinary presence at Seamless Middle East 2023. This is a tale of vision, design, and exceptional results – the story of LikeCard’s journey to becoming the number one eCard platform in the Middle East.

The Vision

LikeCard dream is straightforward yet bold: to keep its position as the number one eCard platform in the Middle East. To bring this vision to life and increase their brand equity, they needed an exhibition booth that would truly stand out. A booth that was not just an exhibition space, but a testament to their commitment to innovation, design, and their users.

The Design: A Symphony of Art, Science, and Media

The challenge was to encapsulate LikeCard’s vision within the confines of an exhibition booth. At Hive Innovative Group Dubai, we conceptualized an innovative booth design that would leave an indelible mark on every visitor’s mind.

Drawing inspiration from the bold and vibrant lines of Neoplasticism, we integrated the principles of art, science, and media into the design. The booth was not just a space but a fully immersive experience, a showcase of how LikeCard UAE seamlessly merges the world of digital transactions with the dynamic realm of modern consumers.

The Result: Remarkable Traffic and Unprecedented Success

The booth, with its unique design and innovative concept, was a sight to behold. The interest it garnered was palpable, with a significant increase in traffic compared to previous events. But the real measure of success was the exceptional business opportunities it generated.

During the event, a whopping six deals were closed and signed, an unprecedented feat in the history of LikeCard’s participation at Seamless Middle East. The wonderful feedback received from visitors and industry professionals alike was a testament to the success of our endeavor. LikeCard’s booth became a hub of activity, conversation, and deal-making.


The experience at Seamless Middle East 2023 was a testament to LikeCard UAE’s vision and our ability to transform it into reality. By integrating art, science, and media into an innovative booth design, we amplified LikeCard’s brand equity, paving the way for them to become the leading eCard platform in the Middle East.

This event was more than just a success; it was a landmark in LikeCard’s journey, marking the start of an exciting new chapter in their story.

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Creative Director / Storyteller: Sameh Eltawil; Creative Agency: Hive Innovative Group


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