SOLO 2018

Film, Performance, Video Art

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Art project is a series of Videos, Music performances and photographs by Sameh Al Tawil 2004 – 2018.
It’s purely contemporary approach to dealing with Curbing freedom of expression, alienation and slavery … it is easier to see that slavery is not a monolithic subject that occurred for a fixed period in history.
– It is the human story of survival – What man is capable of doing to man. This is really important for us to look at in a much broader way.The artist has used music performance as a medium and symbol referee to freedom of expression and used the handcuffs as a slavery shadow.The artist Playing The Piano in Handcuffs! Using his own body and self improvised music trying to survive and play beautifully against the handcuffs limitation. It is not about making light of the modern slavery subject but about treating it in a new sentimental way that ends up showing some of the ugliness of the subject all the more.

SOLO, 2003/2018, Video, 2min 49sec 2004
erworben von / acquired by PIN.
Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne für die Sammlung Moderne Kunst / for the Modern Art Collection

Al Tawils Videoperformance setzt sich mit dem menschlichen Überleben auseinander. Seine Arbeit
fordert dazu auf, Versklavung und Unterdrückung nicht nur als ein (abgeschlossenes) Ereignis in der Vergangenheit zu betrachten, sondern auch in der Gegenwart genauer hinzusehen. Indem der Künstler seinen eigenen Körper einsetzt und innerhalb der von außen auferlegten Einschränkungen musikalisch improvisiert, spielt er gegen Ignoranz und Vergessen an. Al Tawil’s video performance closely examines human survival. His work summons us to see slavery and oppression not merely as an occurrence in the past, but to look more precisely at the present. By using his own body and improvising musically within limitations imposed from outside the artist plays in the face of ignorance and oblivion.

from the
LOOK AT THIS Exhibition’s Publication
Editing: Alexandra Weigand
Texts: Alexandra Weigand, Bernhart Schwenk, Anabel Priemer



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