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(Stop) live-performance

 is dedicated to the dissolution of barriers between virtual and real space.Deals with the question of appropriate instruments to cross the borders between the real and virtual worlds.

In this performance artist looks for solutions in available strategies of content and technology, and for new instruments, which have yet to be developed.
Opening both worlds for each other equals the creation of an imaginary space, which is made available for staging.Stop Performance concentrates on the perception of viewers, recipients and dancer within this imaginary space. The “stage in one’s head” as an imagination area.The theme of this project has been in existence at the Artist’s mind since the Egyptian revolution days on 01/2011. The common feature of this project and some of the Artist’s recent projects is the concern to develop and continue the possibilities of expanding exhibition space and mixing reality with virtuality.

V/A Manipulation by Sameh Al Tawil |  Performer: Kamal Rabea 2011


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