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Talabat VR OOH

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Talabat VR Game OOH

At Step Conference 2017 in Dubai, made an unusual presence by being an active and efficient part of the conference’s panel and also by being present on ground through an exclusive Virtual Reality VR game activation created by Hive Advertising. Engaging people and creating brand equity and loyalty for was our focus, Hive Advertising created joy and excitement all over the place through VR game, a simple yet innovative VR game for the conference attendees. A merge between VR Design & Development and a creative concept that was full of challenges; the desert and modern landmarks of Dubai landscape that appears once the user wears the Oculus, going through a path within the created landscape that’s all about collecting coins. The more the user collects, the bigger opportunity he/she wins. The VR game activation triggered the public excitement, made a huge buzz and created a positive real-time on ground and online feedback.

Creative & Development: Hive Group 
Key Visual AD: Yasser Khairat
Digital Creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil

1920 x 1100 4

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