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Uber Eats Speed Campaign

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Uber Eats Ksa

has hired us to develop an integrated  digital campaign for the “35 min delivery promotion” in KSA. the challenge was to tell the food delivery story and communicate the promotional message in varied formats and durations to ensure delivering the right message on the right channel using the right technique.
My idea was to tell multiple stories in parallel and communicate the idea ” 35min food delivery story”
this concept allowed us to tell the story of placing order, receiving and response to the order, food cooking, customers enjoyment during the 35 min, Etc…

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Since the main message was SPEED! Our Hivers succeeded in crafting different versions of a social media videos and images that highlights the Uber Eats 35 minutes challenge and speed factor in every aspect of the video. Starting from the video song that was performed by a rapper, the upbeat and enthusiastic tone in the music used, and the concept of speed was visually expressed by implementing split-screen style and used symbols of speed in the video, like an animated horse, stopwatch, loops, Etc….


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Client: Uber Eats KSA
Agency: Hive Innovative Group
Digital Creative Director: Sameh Al Tawil
Project Manager: Ahmed Ozairi
Director: Bahaa El Azab
DOP. Sherif El Housainy
Post production: Concave
Music, Lyrics & Song: Ammar Rap


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