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Volume Graphics Generative Images

To mark its 20th anniversary, the Volume Graphics company has developed a new graphic identity. The result is remarkable both for its originality by the complexity of the proposed system, he seduces immediately.
Designed with a generative 3D design process, this identity is also call for programming, the algorithm. Each Product of the Volume Graphics receives not only a unique and original 3D element but also the source code to reproduce it. In the end this identity expresses perfectly the diversity of engineers, artists, designers and scientists who meet in the Volume Graphics.
The idea, Art direction and CGI production are made by Sameh Al Tawil

Agency: Hypokeimenon GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
Brand: Volume Graphics, Heidelberg, Germany
CGI: Sameh Al Tawil in cooperation with Hive Group for innovative communication, Cairo

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